A love that has continued to grow for the beauty of the past. A beauty that is not always what one would expect.

I have no training and I was not brought up surrounded by Antiques, in fact it was quite the opposite. But I was brought up to be an individual and in my late twenties I started to discover my own passion; items from the past.  How this happened I cannot articulate but I found myself being attracted to both the beauty and the form and the history of Antiques.  In 2015 I opened my Etsy Shop and the ethos is the same now as it was then, only buying items that turn my head and grip my heart. And everything I buy is small, well my Grandpa always used to tell me 'good things come in little packages' and I have a special love for The Victorian era for their whimsy and The Georgian era for their beautiful resonance of the past.  I spend many an hour researching my items as it is important to me to try and understand them as much as possible, although some items stubbornly refuse to give up their secrets.  And I do want to point out that I do appreciate the importance of touch to be able to feel an items history and this is why my descriptions can be quite lengthy as this is one part of the journey the online buyer cannot experience.

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